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A Moment’s Divinity

Where the night meets tomorrow A new day sprouts with promise Dawn of the rising fresh mind Arriving new season showing its hand Yesterday’s miserable fear and loss Suffering memories of imperfection Vanish as the dark of the ending night Gives way to the beauty of the light Colors, alive in the visible air Intersecting

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Be Hope

Dimness of days Shuddering with fear Thoughts of what may be Or what may no longer be Depth of the heart Reaches for another The further we reach The more pain we risk To know the spirit of life To flutter on the thoughts of angels To dance on the clouds In an instant, vanishing

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Set aside the thoughts of fear Open sea, boat floats, set free Lay to rest all that comes near Water laps, waves rock, all in me Thoughts in a bottle, set adrift Rhythmic lapping, ripples flowing Nearing truth, sands of time sift Spirit in me, pure light growing Closer and closer, heart with soul Relative

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