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Come to Me

With every new and dawning day Song of the heart grows sweeter Song of love I sing to you Song that’s here and now and true You touch the deepest depth I know And deeper still, far down below Fire burns, stoked by your air Perfumed and delicate, everywhere Pervading life, invading all Tearing down

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Me, Daddy, Stevie Ray Three names I am called Irish and German With some Cherokee involved Afraid of the lonely Dark nights when I’m blue Teacups with spiders And remembering when I flew Sleep, it still seems I must have each night Coffee to wake me And the Son for the Light I see my

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ocean waves

riding the ripples of time wisdom of ages arriving on the waves we are the grains of sand on the endless beach flooded by the wonderful sea There’s just something very uniquely special about the ocean. Timelessly ebbing and flowing. Delivering the sand created by the wash. Pulling it back in again. The endless ryhthm

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