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from the depths

from the depths of my soul i sing this to you your love makes me whole forever and true my beautiful wife i offer my heart a wonderful life each new day we start your love is extreme thank God for this day our connection supreme walking the way a glorious song i sing from

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Perception Chosen

Who am I? Am I my perception? When I look in the mirror, who do I see? Who is inside the man who looks at me? Sensing the moment Creating the vision Choosing to see Creation’s decision All that I am Here in the dream Wake to the truth God’s mind supreme See what you

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Awakenings – my first poem

Stranded on the island of my creation, Separate from all in the world, My aloneness was utterly complete, A testament to my self-defeat. My being was filled with nothingness, My soul cried out to be heard, Emotions were all but stifled, Yet, my mind was in control. Control was my companion, My complete and absolute

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