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A Moment’s Divinity

Where the night meets tomorrow A new day sprouts with promise Dawn of the rising fresh mind Arriving new season showing its hand Yesterday’s miserable fear and loss Suffering memories of imperfection Vanish as the dark of the ending night Gives way to the beauty of the light Colors, alive in the visible air Intersecting

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Free the Universal Love

Inspiration’s seed Planted deep within your heart Takes root in the love That is your holy essence Be filled with the belief That life is alive And sprouts from the cradle Of your timeless soul Dancer on the sky’s stars Napping on the white and puffy clouds The universe is at your command Spun by

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Love Sprouts

Love sprouts in the morning Grows tall in the sun at noon Blossoms reaching toward the rays Share their beauty with passersby I am the water that feeds the plant Passion flowing through the earth Your blooms, the nectar that feeds the gods Sweet petals, divine comfort to my soul Your heart steals my breath

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