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Faded Black Hope

From under the faded black door Springs a faint light, a twinkling Hope, I dare wonder Could it be? Purified in gross inequities Dancing a slow dance with terrors unbidden, unforgotten Fright, my closest friend The replays tempt persuasion On an off-white wall of gloom Forbidden but unforsaken Those fiends, my only friends To the

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Bright Song

Song of all the ages Springs from brightened hearts God’s greatest blessings Delivered through His Son What a miraculous day of joy Flowing with bountiful gifts As we raise our eyes before Him And gaze at life’s perfection Perfect children of God Loving, pure and real Rising in this moment Smiling in the Light Song

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Divine Light

Divine Light Overflowing the human heart Shining on all the world Springs from the Beloved Source Eternal Love Flowing from the Living Water Grace and Hope abound from the Father Through a Son who gives all Spirits connected All darkness is made light All fear returned to love Heaven encompasses the hell that was Angels

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