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She Flows

She flows as the wind Gently caressing My skin, my heart, my essence Enlivened In unspeakable passion I am incinerated Only my ashes remain Awakened from the dream In her soft and wise words My everpresent angel Life is color Seen through her eyes Life is joy Felt through her heart Life is truth Known

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Precious Divine One

Precious, divine Beautiful wife I offer to you All of my life Sweet scented heart Life giving smile Walking with you In peace, love and trial Standing with you While angels surround In the heart of our God Where true love is found Never alone Where two hearts are one Grace and forgiveness In God’s

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Thoughts of Change

In the time of a thought Everything changes With a beat of a heart Life rearranges Miracles born From the light of our smiles Summoning peace From across many miles Power of Creation Brought forth from this day  Soul pangs for joy As a child longs to play Strength of these words Called down from

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