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Momentum Building

Rock of agesSmoothed with timeRolling downPeaks divine Momentum buildsGathering fuelThrough the flamesNew life’s pull Leaping forthSpeed of lightNeverendingSacred sight Take a breathFeel the breezeHair on fireLaunch with ease Release the dreamKept us boundUntie allFreedom found Velocity endsFalls awayNo more timeHere, we’ll stay Take anotherOne last breathKill the childLife from death Quiet comesIn the darkStop the

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Rain Dance

Clouds Opening Water flows from the sky Mind Wondering Belief fills the clouds Drops Gathering Joyful ground devours Storms Attracting Rivers flow from the skies Ground Saturated Water floods the earth Plains Flooded End of heat and drought Child Dancing Smiles in the knowldge Dance Continues Intiving rains, flooding plains

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