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Tasting the sweetest nectar Wild beast set free in me Your beauty overwhelms my soul Your fragrance fills me with great need To take you to great heights I awaken the magic within Greedily feasting on you with haste My need to join with you increases Boldly taking what you offer Asking you to offer

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pulling up a pail of living water the walls of the well gave way and in less than an instant down the hole into blackness, i slid feelings feed thoughts thoughts become real reality fuels feelings sliding down the well dreamer’s new dream stifling breathless quiet darkness overpowers earthen walls closing in bottomless pit eternal

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black abyss

sweet blackness of the abyss drawn to the romantic gloom soothed in the peaceful chaos locked in your heart’s room shriveled by the light broken by a friend shattered by this life wishing it would end take me to the depths sweetness of death’s call surrounded by forever begin and end of all degrading fury’s

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